Jeffrey H. McIntosh

      I am a tea industry specialist who advises tea distribution, buyers, retailers and wholesalers on strategic business matters, trade marketing and quality assurance.

      I would like to aid tea companies in America with their direction in the tea market and strengthen their focus on quality tea. My goal is to help small and large companies show better growth, brand trust, and confidence in their tea products in order for them to become a leader in tea education on a national level. Having built more than one successful tea company on my own and helped several other tea companies succeed, I have absolute confidence I can adapt or strategically reinvent any tea business as well as aid in producing an original brand.

I look forward to sharing a cup of tea with you,


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McIntosh Tea: Owner /  Founder / Management / Sourcing / CEO  (Seattle, WA)
Derku Tea: American Sales / Wholesale / Storage (Taichung, Taiwan)
Denong Tea Co:  Sales / Wholesale/ Preparation / USA Relations (Kunming, Yunnan)
Smacha Tea : Director / Manager / Trainer / Project Manager / eCommerce (Bellevue, WA)