Jeffrey H. McIntosh 麦杰飞

I am a tea industry specialist with 6 years of experience in the international tea industry.

The depth of my knowledge of the tea industry began with my life in Yunnan province, China. In China I worked with a number of renowned Tea Masters, became fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and gained complete knowledge of all aspects surrounding tea in China including; retail and wholesale markets, quality control, sourcing, growing, preparing, and drinking etiquette. After returning to the states, I opened my own tea company, McIntosh Tea. McIntosh Tea experienced great success through traveling all over China and selling fine tea to high-end, international clientele. My understanding of retail and wholesale tea sales also extends to the U.S. market. Returning to the Seattle area from Yunnan, I began working with other Tea Masters in the US, oversaw the opening of retail stores, and in addition I lent my skills to project management, hiring, training, eCommerce, PR, consulting, customer services, and brand standardization.

With my bilingual skills, cultural awareness and technical knowledge of tea, I leverage unique expertise with business skills and experience to guide tea companies in North America through the growing tea market and strengthen their focus on quality tea. I advise tea distributors, buyers, retailers and wholesalers on strategic business matters, trade marketing and quality assurance. The goal is to help small and large companies show better growth, brand trust, and confidence in their tea products.

Jeffrey H. McIntosh 麦杰飞

Media & Work
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McIntosh Tea: Owner / Founder / Management / Sourcing / CEO (Seattle, WA)
Derku Tea: American Sales / Wholesale / Storage (Taichung, Taiwan)
Denong Tea Co: Sales / Wholesale/ Preparation / USA Relations (Kunming, Yunnan)
Smacha Tea: Director / Manager / Trainer / Project Manager / eCommerce (Bellevue, WA)